Choose the right carry out food container

Susan Chu - Sunday, September 07, 2014
How to choose the right carry out food container

Do you know that carry out or to go containers can be a reflection of your restaurants prestige. The wrong container can make it look like it is not important, it's just something to wrap the leftover food in, some people even call it doggie bag, but believe it or not your customer will rank your service with the way you wrap their food.

In supermarket or deli shops they make carry out containers as a selling presentation that plays a big role in whether the customer makes a purchase or not based on what they see.

In restaurant, since they only wrap the leftover food, usually they pick the most economic insulated foam container or commonly known as to go box. However there are so many other choices with even the foam container that you can choose from to help store the food according to what you are placing in them that will give you a much better presentation image to your customers.

  • Fried chicken/fish/fries
    Use a to go box vented to help the air circulate to keep the fried food crispier longer.

  • Hot soup
    If it's a thick or creamy soup that is less than 16 oz you can put it in foam bowl with a foam lid to keep it warmer longer. More than 16 oz we suggest you use microwavable plastic container, you also can put boiling soup in this container since heat resistance for this container is 350 degree.

  • Sauces
    Choose the shape of container according to how your customer use the sauce , either they dip the food into a sauce that you will need a wide mouth sauce container like Dart 5B20 foam bowl or they take a bit of sauce and put it into their food container, and if you need a see through sauce container you can use Dart Souffle cup, or the wide mouth deli container.

  • Stir fried or steamed
    Use tight closed container to keep in the moisture with a perimeter seal is preferable.

  • Ice cream or cakes
    Non icing or sugar contact dessert you can use the most economic OPS clear container, choose the right size and shapes. For sugar contact, use PET high clarity container, that not only give better presentation but also keep the icing/sauces not sticks to the container.

Stainless Steel Cleaning Tips

Ricky So - Monday, May 05, 2014
Keep Your Stainless Steel kitchen appliances at its highest performance and durability.

Stainless steel is one of the most resilient materials available for a wide range of kitchen equipments and appliances. It not only conveys casual elegance but it also is easy to clean. Stainless steel for kitchen appliances is sleek, luxurious and very durable; but they need to be taken care of properly and effectively to keep them at there optimal condition.  Heat, dust and grime, however if not cleaned properly can put stainless steel at risk for corrosion, rust or even permanent marking. In this case, we are not only talking about how much money you have spent on those appliances but also the time and energy that is requires to keep your stainless steel clean and as good as new and performing at a high standard.

Here Are Few Tips To Clean Stainless Steel :

  • Only use microfiber towels or sponges that won’t damage the surface of the appliances.
  • Don't forget to wash your brand new stainless steel kitchen appliances with warm water and a soft washing liquid, such as a mild dish soap before use to avoid a chemical reaction.
  • For daily or simple maintenance, wash it with hot water, a little dish washing liquid and a clothe or sponge to wipe all the dirt and grease after use.
  • To remove marks, spots and spills you can coat or cover the problem area with stainless steel cleaner and leave it for few minutes before wiping it for better results. Don't forget to rinse thoroughly and towel dry after.
  • Always towel dry stainless steel kitchen appliances by hand after washing in the dishwasher.
  • The most important thing to keep your stainless steel gleaming and shining for a much longer time is a straightforward approach. Make sure to keep your stainless steel or metal appliances as dry and clean as possible at all times.

The most important thing to keep your stainless steel gleaming and shining for a much longer time is a straightforward approach.  Make sure to keep your stainless steel or metal appliances as dry and clean as possible at all times.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Set


Susan Chu - Friday, April 12, 2013

OPEN YOUR FIRST STORE, how to get started?



Opening a store seems like the easiest thing you can do to get cash income, but in reality many entrepreneur fails in their first store. Before you make your first step to open a store, we made research from our 15 years experience in helping our customers, analyzing the problems and put some check list for you.



10 Check List to open your first store :

  1. Find your perfect store location that perfect for your target customers and your products.
  2. Create an energetic flow for your customers by designing a store layout. Store layout is very important to make your customers comfortable to do their routine shopping. Able co creative team can help you design your store layout for free if you decided to custom made your store display with a minimum budget of $50,000,time needed to completely install your order will be around 3 months from the time you approved the design.
  3. Product merchandising and pricing helps your customers find their product’s needed easier and faster. 

    Put the right display for different kind of product and in what temperature the products need to be, Able co temperature control display can display your product as well as storing it with adjustable temperature, hot or cold.

  4. If you ever knew that a lipstick doesn’t cost as much as it’s packaging, it is also in the food industry, presentation is everything… pick in which material you want to pack your product, choose the style, color and if you still couldn’t find what you’re looking for we can customize it for you for a minimum of 100 cs.
  5. When you decide to process the food in your store there’s so many FDA requirement that you have to meet, our storing and handling equipment can help you meet that standard as well as our safety work wear.
  6. It is always more comfortable for your customers if they knew that somebody will always be a helping hand, make your employees  more recognized with our custom embroidery/print logo in their uniforms.
  7. Always provide complete facility for your customer convenience, remember..a satisfied customer is the key to your success.
  8. Make sure that your store is clean and odorless, that is the standard for customer to identify sanitary in your store, our janitorial provides from chemicals that use the food safety guidelines to janitorial equipment that makes your employee’s work easier.
  9. Keep your bills low at all the time, LED light can lower the electric bills, make sure all refrigerators are in a good conditions, bad refrigerators only can cost you more in the repair cost, every night close the open cooler  with our AC air flow safer.
  10. Keep your inventory under control at all times, our inventory control system provides from software, inventory scanners to theft monitoring camera, always check the background of the people you want to hire.

 Last but not least ..big smile for your customers :)