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DART 16P 16 Oz Clear Polypropylene Cup


DART 16P 16 Oz Clear Polypropylene Cup
DART 16P 16 Oz Clear Polypropylene Cup

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CUPC-161-16P #03455;1000(50 pcsx20bags)/case;Case;

An essential addition to your high-traffic concession stand, snack bar, or casual catered event, this Dart Solo P16 16 oz. translucent squat plastic cup combines a smooth sidewall, perfect for custom printing and a sleek presentation, with an economical translucent polystyrene construction, fit for your bottom line. It's sturdy and shatterproof, yet flexible, making it easy to handle and to store, unlike cups of a more delicate material. Plus, it features a rolled rim at the top that creates a smooth surface for sipping.
This squat cup is great for on-the-go cold beverage or slushy service, especially when combined with a compatible lid. It practically sells your drinks for you with a translucent clarity that enhances product appeal to increase impulse sales. At the same time, the squat cup's primarily flush-fill capacity further increases profitability, ensuring proper portion control of your most popular beverages.

Product dimensions:
3.9" Top diameter x 4.8" Height x 2.4" Base diameter

Product weight:


  • Dart - Conex ClearPro 16P
  • 16 Oz. practical fill capacities
  • One lid size fits four different cups
  • Reinforces sidewall strength which avoids leaks
  • Rolled rim provides a secure lid fit.


Usage Tips:

Additional info:
One lid size fits four different cups 16 - 20 - 24 Oz. L24TN (Translucent, Slotted) L24C (Clear Flat, Slotted) PET24LCD (Clear Dome) PET24LCDHX (Clear Dome w/ Hole) *NoteAvailable LIDs(Sold separately) Clear Dome Lid w-Hole 1624Oz (CCL-DA-PET24LCDHX-3586) * Lid Clear Straw Slott 24Oz (CCL-DA-L24C-2632) * Clear Dome Lid No-Hole For 16 ~ 24 Oz. Plastic Cups (CC-DA-24LCDH-1488)


CUPC-161-16P #03455

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