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DART 24C 24 Oz Clear Plastic Cup PET


DART 24C 24 Oz Clear Plastic Cup PET
DART 24C 24 Oz Clear Plastic Cup PET

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CUPC-240-TD24 #01938;600 pcs/case;Case;


This Dart Conex Classic premium clear plastic cups made of sturdy plastic PET material which crack-resistant yet flexible , with its exceptional clarity provides an upscale look and easy identification of the contents helps to create impulse sales. Comes in 24 Oz. fluid capacity, this clear cup featured raised sidewall rings make for easy handling and rolled rim adds to cup strength. Ideal for frozen drinks, ice coffee, juice or any other cold liquid. Lid available and sold separately.

Product dimensions:
3.9" Top diameter x 6.0" Height x 2.5" Base diameter

Product weight:


  • Dart - Conex Classic 24C
  • Flush fill capacities provide portion control
  • Exceptional clarity helps stimulate impulse purchases
  • Reinforces sidewall strength which avoids leaks
  • Rolled rim provides a secure lid fit.


Usage Tips:

Additional info:
One lid size fits four different cups 16 - 20 - 24 Oz. L24TN (Translucent, Slotted) L24C (Clear Flat, Slotted) PET24LCD (Clear Dome) PET24LCDHX (Clear Dome w/ Hole) *NoteAvailable LIDs(Sold separately) Clear Dome Lid w-Hole 1624Oz (CCL-DA-PET24LCDHX-3586) * Lid Clear Straw Slott 24Oz (CCL-DA-L24C-2632) * Clear Dome Lid No-Hole For 16 ~ 24 Oz. Plastic Cups (CC-DA-24LCDH-1488)


CUPC-240-24C #01938

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