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LBP The Sleeve™ 6000 Paperboard Hot Cup Sleeves


LBP The Sleeve™ 6000 Paperboard Hot Cup Sleeves

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CUPH-00-6000 #03773;1200 pcs/case;Case;


This plain / natural kraft color hot cup coffee sleeve is a thick embossed paperboard that fits around the paper cup to insulate your hands from scalding coffee. Featured heat-activated adhesive and corrugated design that releases heat around hand while cool air is drawn in, this product made of embossed paperboard that creates a unique design. Effective, creates a unique design and less expensive than Double cupping.

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  • Fits to 10,12,16, 20 Oz cup sizes
  • Made from a moisture resistant paperboard in a kraft color
  • Hot cup sleeves contain both recycled and post consumer fiber content.


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CUPH-00-6000 #03773

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