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DART C16BL Presenta Clear Bowl Flat L 504


DART C16BL Presenta Clear Bowl Flat L 504

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RW-DA-C16BL #03212;504pcs/case;Case;


Both flat lids and dome lids fit securely on each bowl, sealing in freshness and creating a leak-resistant seal. Flat lids are ideally suited for label placement and for maintaining portion control. Dome lids allow for packaging high mounded food items. All Presenta Bowls lids are designed to be stack-able for stable, multi-level merchandising. Available in OPS or PET.

Product dimensions:
5.5" overall diamter

Product weight:


  • Presenta Clear Bowl Flat Lid 504
  • OPS (Oriented Polystyrene)
  • Used for 8 to 16 Oz. clear bowl.


Usage Tips:
Exceptional clarity and stackablility Unique Crystal-Cut Design Flat Lid Available Dome Lid Available Opening Tabs.
When inverted, Presenta bowls are perfectly suited for: a bagel with cream cheese, a pecan or cinnamon roll, a mini fruit tart, cake, pie, or quiche.

Additional info:


RW-DA-C16BL #03212

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