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Durable Packaging 91805 Foil Roll 18 X 500 Heavy Duty


Durable Packaging 91805 Foil Roll 18 X 500 Heavy Duty

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AFS-18B-DP-91805 #02629;1 roll/case;Case;

This aluminum foil roll is perfect for use in any professional kitchen. With heavy duty gauge it forms the strongest barrier against heat, moisture, air and light. Use this heavy duty foil for a variety of food service applications - from lining pans to covering leftovers. This product comes in a Box with a standard cutting edge.

Product dimensions:
18" Width" x 500' length a roll

Product weight:

  • Durable Packaging 91805
  • Heavy duty gauge aluminum foil
  • Comes in standart cutting edge Box
  • It is good for use in cooking, serving and freezing food.

Usage Tips:
Convenient dispenser design with non-metal, corrugated paper safety edge for foil cutting and Box is laminated to avoid moisture and grease absorption.

Additional info:
This durable product 91805 is comparable or exactly the same as EL DoraDo(WP) 297 Reynolds 624 Pactiv 624.

AFS-18B-DP-91805 #02629

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