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DART 12BWWC 10-12 Oz Non-Laminated Foam Bowl


DART 12BWWC 10-12 Oz Non-Laminated Foam Bowl

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FB-120-12BWWC #03349;1000 pcs(8packsx125 pcs)/case;Case;


Gives a new look to your food service operation with this Dart - Concorde® 1 compartment, 10 - 12 Oz capacity white foam bowl dinnerware. This product is available in many styles and sizes, lightweight yet strong enough to hold a full portion of food without bending. Superior insulation makes it perfect for serving both hot and cold foods.

Product dimensions:
10 - 12 oz bowl

Product weight:


  • Dart Concorde 12BWWC
  • White, Non-laminated
  • 12 Oz Foam Food Bowl.
  • Lid available


Usage Tips:
The deep shoulders on the plate won't make that food slides off, so it avoids spills and complaints The insulated foam will reduce the heat on the plate so you can safely hold your hot foods This foam plate made of non CFC, it is safety for your health and the environment.

Additional info:


FB-120-12BWWC #03349

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