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DART 8SJ20 8 Oz Insulated Foam Food Container


DART 8SJ20 8 Oz Insulated Foam Food Container

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  • Quantity
FB-DA-8SJ20 #00973;1000 pcs(20 packsx50 pcs)/case;Case;

This versatile and convenient insulated 8 Oz. foam food container will keeps your food at its proper serving temperature longer than the normal insulated foam. These Foam food containers can be prepackaged or use for immediate serving, whether it is hot or cold foods. This insulated foam food continer is very convenience with all food that fits inside the container. Perfect container for sauces, soups, pasta salads, ice cream, and more.

Product dimensions:
4.2" top diameter x 2.1" height x 3" base diameter

Product weight:

  • Dart Food Container 8SJ20
  • Material(s): Foam Plastic, insulated
  • Shape: Round
  • Color(s): White
  • Capacity: 8 Oz.

Usage Tips:
Insulated to helps maintain food temperature longerCan be use for both hot or cold food aplicationOne piece molded construction, distinctive pedestal and space saving designVisual fill line for filling reference.

Additional info:

FB-DA-8SJ20 #00973

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