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Sauce Cup 2 Oz Microwaveable


Sauce Cup 2 Oz Microwaveable

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SFC-200-KP200 #00174;2500 cups and lidspcs/case;Case;

These 2 Oz. sauce cup microwaveable container can withstand temperatures up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit, making it suitable for use under heat lamps, in warming units, and even in microwaves. Plus, the Culinary Classics take out containers do not produce any odors or flavors when heated like rigid polystyrene containers can.

Product dimensions:
2 oz. fluid capacity cup with lid

Product weight:

  • KP-200 2oz Portion Cup with Lids
  • Clear design.

Usage Tips:

Additional info:

SFC-200-KP200 #00174

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