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Intercon 205 Sodium Hypochlorite Sanitizer For Food Service 1 Gallon


Intercon 205 Sodium Hypochlorite Sanitizer For Food Service 1 Gallon
Intercon 205 Sodium Hypochlorite Sanitizer For Food Service 1 Gallon

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CHM-KS-IC-205 #01869;4pcs(@1gallon)/case;Case;

Intercon - Interchlor product is an EPA registered, chlorine bearing, sodium hypochlorite solution for sanitization in the Dairy, Food Processing and Food Service industries. It is an effective sanitizer for utensils, glassware and as a terminal sanitizing rinse in machine dishwashing. This product may also be used for fruit and vegetable washing.

Product dimensions:

Product weight:
10 lbs. Each

  • Product Properties
  • COLOR Clear Yellow
  • ODoR Chlorine
  • VISCOSITY 10 cps
  • pH 13
  • ACTIVE INGREDIENT Sodium Hypochlorite.

Usage Tips:
Features...Benefits Concentrated Economical Versatile Ease of Use No Rinse Required Labor Saving Wide Spectrum Effective Reduces Risk Meets/Exceeds Public Health Authority Standards.
Directions For Use It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. SANITIZING RINSE FOOD AND DAIRY PROCESSORS This product may be used to sanitize all equipment, utensils, pipes, pans, tanks or flat surfaces which are hard nonporous and will not absorb sanitizer solution but which Do come in contact with food products. Use 200 ppm solution for two minutes for nonporous surfaces. For effective sanitization, all surfaces must be wet thoroughly. Depending on equipment Setup, immersion or flooding is best. A heavy spray is acceptable if properly applied to stationary equipment. Gross food particles and soil must be removed by a pre-flush or pre-scrape as necessary prior to sanitizing. Sanitizers for all surfaces not always requiring a rinse- Before using these compounds, food products and packaging materials must be removed from the room or carefully protected. A potable water rinse is not required following use of these compounds for sanitizing previously cleaned hard surfaces provided that the surfaces are adequately drained before contact with food so that little or no residue remains which can adulterate or have a deleterious effect on edible products. These compounds may be used for microbial control on ceilings, floors, and walls at concentrations considerably higher than those allowed for sanitizing food contact surfaces without a potable water rinse unless, in the opinion of the Inspector-in-Charge, such use may result in contamination of food products. A potable water rinse is required following use of these compounds under conditions other than those stated above. The compounds must always be used at dilutions (see table of proportions) and according to applicable directions provided on the EPA registered label. Do not re-use solution. Provide fresh solution for Each application. LAUNDRY SANITIZERS Household Laundry Sanitizers - IN SOAKING SUDS - See table of proportions and provide 200 ppm available chlorine solution. Wait 5 minutes, then add soap or detergent. Immerse laundry for at least 11 minutes prior starting the wash/rinse cycle. IN WASHING SUDS - See table of proportions and add sufficient product to wash water containing clothes to provide 200 ppm available chlorine. Wait 5 minutes, then add soap or detergent and start the wash/rinse cycle. Commercial Laundry Sanitizers - Wet fabrics or clothes should be spun dry prior to sanitization. Thoroughly mix sufficient proportion of this product with 10 gallons of water to yield 200 ppm available chlorine (see table of proportions). Promptly after mixing the sanitizer, add the solution into the prewash prior to washing fabrics/clothes in the regular wash cycle with a good detergent. Test the level of available chlorine, if solution has been allowed to stand. Add more of this product if the available chlorine level has dropped below 200 ppm. FRUIT AND VEGETABLE WASHING Thoroughly clean all fruits and vegetables in a wash tank. See table of proportions and prepare a solution with 25 ppm available chlorine. After draining the tank, submerge fruit or vegetables for two minutes in a second wash tank containing the recirculating sanitizing solution with 25 ppm sanitizing solution. Spray rinse vegetables with the sanitizing solution prior to packaging. Rinse fruit with potable water only prior to packaging. TABLE OF PROPORTIONS - AVAILABLE CHLORINE 5 ppm - 6 fluid Oz. per 1000 gallons water 25 ppm - 29 fluid Oz. per 1000 gallons water 50 ppm - 58 fluid Oz. per 1000 gallons water 100 ppm - 1 fluid Oz. per 10 gallons water 200 ppm - 1 fluid Oz. per 5 gallons water 250 ppm - 287 fluid Oz. per 1000 gallons water 600 ppm - 4 fluid Oz. per 5 gallons water

Additional info:

CHM-KS-IC-205 #01869

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