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Intercon 777 Carpet Care (Carpet Cleaner) 1 Gallon


Intercon 777 Carpet Care (Carpet Cleaner) 1 Gallon
Intercon 777 Carpet Care (Carpet Cleaner) 1 Gallon

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  • Quantity
CHM-CP-IC-777 #01871;4pcs(@1gallon)/case;Case;

Intercon - Carpet Care product is a concentrated, fast-acting, liquid carpet hot water extraction and bonnet cleaner works by penetrating and emulsifying grease, oil, dirt and grime in carpet fibers so that they may be easily picked up by the vacuum wand. This pH buffered, controlled foaming formula contains optical brighteners to revive and enhance original colors. Contains corrosion inhibitors and water softening agents. Very effective when used as a bonnet shampoo.

Product dimensions:

Product weight:
10 lbs. Each

  • Product Properties
  • COLOR Lt. Purple
  • ODoR Baby Powder
  • VISCOSITY 15 cps
  • pH 10
  • DETERGENCY Excellent

Usage Tips:
Features...Benefits Concentrated Economical Controlled Foaming Improves Machine Efficiency Versatile Ease of Use Pleasantly Scented Pleasant to Use Contains Soil Retardant Improves Cleaning Service Live
Directions Vacuum or pre-spot carpet and pre-spray traffic lanes. EXTRACTION Dilute this product at 2 Oz. per gallon of 120°F to 150°F water. Clean and extract carpet in one pass by moving the wand or extractor machine over the carpet fast enough to avoid over-wetting the carpet, but slow enough to penetrate and remove soils. Vacuum when thoroughly dry. BONNET Dilute this product 2 Oz. per gallon in 120°F to 150°F water. Immerse and wring out bonnet pad. Place under machine and scrub with Each pass overlapping the previous pass to insure coverage. Do not overwet carpet. Turn, rinse and wring out bonnet as necessary. Vacuum when thoroughly dry.

Additional info:

CHM-CP-IC-777 #01871

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