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"4 X 6 Inch Meat Pad 23 Gram"


"4 X 6 Inch Meat Pad 23 Gram"
"4 X 6 Inch Meat Pad 23 Gram"

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MP-Z-40WY(2750) #02306;2750 pcs/case;Case;

A virgin fiber, cellulose absorbent material used to perform ultimate liquid absorption to allow maximum performance and safety. With its innovative construction allows them to continuously absorb and contain fluid as it drains from the product. These 4.5"x6" meat absorbent pads 23 gram absorb so fast, and contain so much that product fluid virtually disappears, prevents juices from leaking outside the package, makes the food packaging containers cleaner and more appealing to consumers.

Product dimensions:
4 inch width x 6 inch length

Product weight:

  • Layered high crepe tissue pad
  • Strong cellulose tissue traps fluid inside
  • Ideal for fresh meat, poultry, and seafood
  • Available in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes and absorbencies

Usage Tips:
prevents juices from leaking outside the packagekeeps perishable foods fresher and cleanereliminates mess in grocery carts, bags, cars and at homeenhances overall appearance of packaged fresh foods.

Additional info:

MP-Z-40WY(2750) #02306

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