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"#42 Supermarket Food Tray Rose"


"#42 Supermarket Food Tray Rose"
"#42 Supermarket Food Tray Rose"

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FT42R-CRYO #02483;250 pcs/case;case;


These processor foam trays are designed with exceptional flexibility to withstand the rigors of automated packaging operations. Provide consistent quality in weight, color, count and machinability. Ideal for displaying fresh meats, poultry, and seafood. Allow for arrangement of food in a presentable and appealing way while keeping them fresh.

Product dimensions:
Length: 8.63 inch Width: 6.31 inch Height: 2.38 inch

Product weight:


  • #42 Rose supermarket tray
  • Made out of durable and sturdy foam material.


Usage Tips:

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FT42R-CRYO #02483

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