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Genpak 111.5 #111.5 Supermarket Food Tray Green


Genpak  111.5 #111.5 Supermarket Food Tray Green

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FT015DG #00829;500 pcs(4packsx125 pcs)/case;Case;

This standard supermarket tray is made of Styrofoam material which sturdy and durable. Help to give a great presentation as a serving tray or display tray with wide variety of sizes and colors, while keeping the product fresh. Ideal for any kind of food such as meats, fruits, and vegetables.

Product dimensions:
Length: 8.38 inchWidth: 3.88 inchHeight: 0.88 inch

Product weight:

  • Genpak111.5 Supermarket Food Trays
  • #111.5 Supermarket Tray Green
  • Made out of durable and sturdy foam material.

Usage Tips:

Additional info:

FT015DG #00829

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