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Meat Pad 4.00x7 40/45 BLK 2000


Meat Pad 4.00x7 40/45 BLK 2000

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MP-AC-40B #06359;2000 pcs/case;Case;


A virgin fiber, cellulose absorbent material used to perform ultimate liquid absorption to allow maximum performance and safety. With its innovative construction allows them to continuously absorb and contain fluid as it drains from the product. Packages stay drier and more attractive. Locked-in juices eliminate messes after the sale on clothes, car seats, in refrigerator and on kitchen floors and counters.

Product dimensions:
4" Width x 7" Depth x 0.2" Height

Product weight:
0.08 lb


  • Greater absorption, from 25 to 320 grams
  • Ideal for meat, fish and poultry applications.


Usage Tips:

Additional info:


MP-AC-40B #06359

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