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Mundial 666-812 8.5" Take-A-Part Kitchen Shears


Mundial 666-812 8.5" Take-A-Part Kitchen Shears

Price $16.10

  • Quantity
KF-USC4-MN-666-812 #02755;1 pc/case;Each;

Take-A-Part Kitchen Shears are used for cutting meats and vegetables, cracking nuts and uncapping bottles. Notch snaps small wood and wire. Also great for plastic canvas crafts. Shears are all-purpose lightweight stainless steel with take-a-part blades for easy, thorough cleaning.

Product dimensions:
11.8" Length x 4.2" Width x 0.6" Height

Product weight:
0.3 lb

  • Finish on Handles Black
  • Points Sharp
  • Blade Length: 4 in.
  • Tool Length: 8 in.

Usage Tips:

Additional info:

KF-USC4-MN-666-812 #02755

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