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Sushi Container Large 9" X 6"


Sushi Container Large 9" X 6"
Sushi Container Large 9" X 6"

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SSBX-20-A-07 #02707;400 sets/case;Case;

Green your sushi with our fabulous compostable PLA 9" x 6" x 0.75" Large Sushi Container. Made from corn-based plastic and completely compostable in a commercial compost facility, this popular container is made with renewablematerials instead of virgin plastic. When you want to infuse a little environmental ikibana into your day, our Sushi Container is here to help you out. Enjoy your spicy tuna without filling up the landfill.

Product dimensions:
9" width X 6-1/8" length X 3/4" height

Product weight:

  • Best container for food and sushi
  • Material: PS, OPS
  • Elegant style and various sizes.

Usage Tips:
Trays feature authentic Japanese lamination's which enhance the food's appetite appeal They have snap-locking lids to preserve food freshness and prohibit food odor contamination.

Additional info:

SSBX-20-A-07 #02707

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