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Toledo 325 UPC Thank You Scale Label For Toledo Scales


Toledo 325 UPC Thank You Scale Label For Toledo Scales

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LBSC-1711 #00640;30rolls(@500pcs/roll)/case;Case;

This scale paper label comes in rectangular shape with 2.625 width X 1.96 inch tall size. The label features "Thank You" words in red lettering and yellow backgroung color with a self-adhesive that will ease you to use this label on weighing and pricing needs of your butcher shop, market, deli, grocery store or other business. These Toledo 325 UPC scale labels are used for Toledo 325 scales.

Product dimensions:
2.625 inch wide x 1.96 inch tall

Product weight:

  • 2.625" W x 1.96" L label for Toledo 325 scales
  • 1.5 inch core diameter
  • With self adhesive that suitable for most surfaces.

Usage Tips:
"Thank You" in red lettering and yellow backgroundProduct detail information in red color
Used For Toledo 325 scales

Additional info:
Available in various designs with bright, eye-catching colors, these labels come in various sizes to allow for UPC labels,price information, and text.

LBSC-1711 #00640

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