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TORREY Y-KNSL-NS-18-RT 18" Straight Slicer


TORREY Y-KNSL-NS-18-RT 18" Straight Slicer

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KF-7182-Y-KNSL-NS-18-RT #03209;1 pc/case;Each;

The blade of the knife is made of steel with a hardness Chrome controlled that can keep the edge of a knife longer. Its leaf is a fine mirror finish, which prevents oxidation penetrate the leaf and also provides an excellent introduction to the knife. 18" Slicer knife with Granton edge. 1.25" width at the handle. This knife is also has an ergonomic balance and design.

Product dimensions:
24" Length x 1.7" Width x 0.9" Height

Product weight:
3.4 lbs

  • Black easy grip handle
  • Chrome steel
  • Fine mirror finish
  • Straight

Usage Tips:

Additional info:

KF-7182-Y-KNSL-NS-18-RT #03209

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