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Victorinox 41534 14" Curved Cimeter Knife Black


Victorinox 41534 14" Curved Cimeter Knife Black

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KF-5114-VC-41534 #01694;1 pc/case;Each;

This knife is perfect for cutting and trimming steaks and other large pieces of meat. The edge is conically ground length and crosswise to give it a wider break point. This helps the blade resist fracturing and creates less friction when slicing, making the large knife easy to wield. The patented black Fibrox handle is a textured polyamide that is slip-resistant when wet for maximum safety.

Product dimensions:
13" Length x 1.8" Width x 0.8" Height

Product weight:
1 lb

  • Blade Tip: Pointed
  • Edge Type: Straight Edge
  • Handle Material: Plastic
  • Metal Type: High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Steel Shaping Method: Stamped

Usage Tips:

Additional info:

KF-5114-VC-41534 #01694

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