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TORREY TEM-150 Refrigerated Deli Merchandiser 5'


TORREY TEM-150 Refrigerated Deli Merchandiser 5'

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CASE-TO-TEM-150 #02984;1 pc/case;Each;

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_x000D_ Curved Glass Deli Merchandiser is ideal to be placed in supermarkets, bakeries, fast food, deli and much more! This product has Double glass-shaped curve that allows customers to see clearly into it, the shelf has been adjusted in order to support the food inside remains safe and stable. Curved Glass Deli Merchandiser is very easy to clean and Does not require much effort._x000D_


Product dimensions:
_x000D_ 56.6" Width x 35.7" Depth x 45.2" Height_x000D_

Product weight:
_x000D_ 396.8 lbs_x000D_


  • _x000D_ Capacity (cubic feet): 18.3 cubic feet
  • Capacity (liters): 518.1 liters
  • Temperature Range: 36°F to 41°F
  • Doors: 2
  • Exhibition Levels: 3
  • Lamps: 2 (32w)
  • Insulation: High density polyurethane
  • Cooling System: Gravity coil and hidden floor coil
  • Refrigerant: R-134a
  • Volts: 115v/60hz (220v/50hz optional)
  • Compressor: 1/4 HP_x000D_


Usage Tips:
_x000D_ Double tempered curved glass._x000D_ Adjustable shelves._x000D_ 3 exhibition levels._x000D_ Stainless steel bottom for easy cleaning._x000D_ Frontal access to the condensing unit for easy maintenance._x000D_

Additional info:
_x000D_ -_x000D_


_x000D_ CASE-TO-TEM-150 #02984_x000D_

Spec Sheet TEM-100.pdf

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