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OPEN YOUR FIRST STORE, how to get started?


Here are some suggestions from us:


First thing is to find your perfect store location that perfect for your target customers and your products.

Next thing in line is to create an energetic flow for your customers by designing a store layout.


Store layout is very important to make your customers comfortable to do their routine shopping. Able co creative team can help you design your store layout for free if you decided to custom made your store display with a minimum budget of $50,000,time needed to completely install your order will be around 3 months from the time you approved the design.


Product merchandising and pricing helps your customers find their product’s needed easier and faster.

Put the right display for different kind of product and in what temperature the products need to be, Able co temperature control display can display your product as well as storing it with adjustable temperature, hot or cold.


If you ever knew that a lipstick doesn’t cost as much as it’s packaging, it is also in the food industry, presentation is everything… pick in which material you want to pack your product, choose the style, color and if you still couldn’t find what you’re looking for we can customize it for you for a minimum of 100 cs.


When you decide to process the food in your store there’s so many FDA requirement that you have to meet, our storing and handling equipment can help you meet that standard as well as our safety work wear.

It is always more comfortable for your customers if they knew that somebody will always be a helping hand, make your employees  more recognized with our custom embroidery/print logo in their uniforms.


Always provide complete facility for your customer convenience, remember..a satisfied customer is the key to your success.

Make sure that your store is odorless, that is the standard for customer to identify cleanliness in your store, our janitorial provides from chemicals that use the food safety guidelines to janitorial equipment that makes your employee’s work easier.


Keep your bills low with our AC air flow safer.

Prevent product loss with our inventory control system.


Last but not least ..big smile for your customers.


                                                         Susan Chu,president